Simple At Home Facial Protocol

Includes: Anti-Breakout Bar, Clarifying Tonic, Expert Enzyme, Gentle Clearing Serum, Purifying Moisturizer

Breakouts got you down? Hormonal, stress, eruptions? Or maybe things could be a bit smoother and brighter. 

DON’T FRET  We’ve got you covered. Here’s a simple daily protocol with an optional weekly at-home treatment, and anyone can do it!

  • Cleanse with the Anti-Breakout Bar. It’s beneficial to incorporate the Supracor Facial Sponges, for deeper penetration of the active ingredients. Leave on for a minute.
  • Rinse, and follow with Clarifying Tonic.
  • Once a week if your skin tolerates it well, apply the Expert Enzyme. Let this professional-strength mask work its magic for up to 10 minutes.
  • Otherwise, follow the tonic by applying Gentle Clearing Serum throughout the problem area as needed.
  • Finishing off with Purifying Moisturizer. Depending on the way your skin feels, you may want to include these other options. 👇🏼
    • Stem Cell C: More moisture daytime, anti-oxidant, strengthening, anti-aging. Apply under Purifying Moisturizer.
    • After Hours: More moisture night time, anti-aging, retinol, gentle exfoliation, softening. Apply instead of Purifying Moisturizer. 

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PS, If you have specific aging concerns, no worries! Reach out and we’re happy to create an individual protocol for you.