About Us

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In 2009, what began as the collaborative brainchild of two long time estheticians and friends, was realized as Luxaskin. The intention was to create a healthy, yet effective line of products to offer clients at our boutique skin clinic in San Francisco.

Since its inception, we have been cultivating, refining, formulating and re-formulating Luxaskin to complement our simple skin wellness philosophies. Continually testing its efficacy in our treatment rooms, carefully following each client’s outcome, and paying attention to their very important feedback, is how Luxaskin was truly born. Working within green science standards, and being inspired by sustainable clean ingredient technologies, Luxaskin has been carefully curated and built from potent bioactive extracts, barrier restoring plant oils, organic fruit enzymes, multi-functioning antioxidants, clinically proven peptides, and stabilized vitamins at the appropriate dosages to affect real-life results. We believe this is functional skin care at its best!

In March of 2020 we decided to close our brick and mortar clinic after eleven years of service to our much loved community. We encourage you to reach out through our virtual consultation option. We are still fully committed to be your guide through all things skin care!